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Multichannel ECG Recording with computerized reporting at the reasonable charges
Treadmill computerized cardiac stress test ( Marquet ) facility at a very subsidized rate to detect cardiac disease at a very early stage in diabetic and peripheral arteries.
Vascular Doppler facility to find out blocks in peripheral arteries
colour Doppler 2 D Echocardiography facility at bed side at a subsidized rates for Heart
Various Chemotherapy regimens Head & Neck cancer surgery specialist services available as
out-patient and in-patient Obstetrics and gynecology cancer surgery specialist services are available similarly
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with incubators, room heaters
central oxygen and infusion pumps Available for low birth weight and premature   babies
Nebulizers for wheezing children
General pediatric out- patient and in-patient service
All modalities of Physiotherapy like Intermittent and continuous Tractions, Limb and Neck Exercises, Wax bath, Electrotherapy like IFT, Ultrasound Massaging are available with sophisticated equipments and experienced Physiotherapists. Physiotherapy includes pain reducing equipments like IFT, ultra sound therapy unit wax bath and rehabilitation equipments
Most of the physiotherapy procedures with latest and scientifically updated equipment
Static Traction equipment
Latest Electronic Intermittent Traction Equipment for cervical and lumbar traction
procedures available
Electrotherapy Equipment available for pain relief: Shortwave Diathermy(SWD) Ultrasound
Massage(US) Interferential Therapy(IFT) Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve
Electrical Nerve Stimulator
Surgical Departments
These departments function with daily out-patient, day care and in-patient service
General Surgery
Laparoscopic Surgery-Procedures available
Diagnostic Laparoscopy Cholecystectomy Common Bile Duct Exploration Appendicectomy
Inguinal Hernia Repair Vagotomy and Gastrogejunostomy Symthectomy Tubectomy Ovarian Cysectomy Nephrectomy
Dental Surgery
Our Dental Department is equipped with Hi-tech Kavo Dental chair and equipment, Light cure equipment, Dental X-ray, Scalar etc; with general Dentistry, Orthodontics, Maxillofacial Oral Surgery facilities.
  General Dental Procedures
  Prosthetic Dentistry
New dentures
bridge work
  Orthodontic Dentistry
Correction of protruding teeth and cosmetic dentistry Maxillofocal Oral Surgery
Any surgical procedure in the mouth
face, jaws, etc.
Neuro Surgery
Out-Patient and In-Patient service available for- Spine and Neck (Laminectomy, Trauma).
  Neuron-surgical procedures like shunts
Plastic Surgery
Out- Patient and In- Patient service available for
Skin grafting Cosmetic Surgery Repair of cleft lip and palate
Laparoscopic Surgery
  Laparoscopic Procedures available
Diagnostic Laproscopy
Laproscopic Cholecystectomy
Laproscopic Appendicectomy
Laproscopic Inguinal hernia repair
Laproscopic Sympthectomy,Tubectomy
Cardiothoracic Surgery
Bronchoscopy for foreign body removal Lobectomy - lung removal
Thoracic surgery - in cancer and bronchiectasis cases
Thoractomy Vascular Shunt Bypass surgery ICCU and Ventilator back up available