The hospital has 100 beds which includes 45 General Ward beds, 36 Semiprivate ward beds and 19 Private Ward beds with additional 22 beds in I.C.U Complex including 11 bedded Level III I.C.U, Post Operative Ward, Pre Operative Ward, Labour Ward and NICU. 17 bedded Haemodialysis unit is functioning in second floor. About 5000 Inpatients and 50,000 outpatients avail the hospital services annually. About 1500 surgeries are performed annually. About 100 deliveries are conducted in a year.

Operation Theatre Complex has two ‘Laminar Air Flow’ operation theatres with most sophisticated equipments. Hitech Anaesthesia Machines with inbuilt ventilators with high level cardiac monitors and Anaesthesia Gas monitoring Systems are provided for safest anaesthesia to patients. Laparoscopic equipments with 3 chip endocameras and monitors are provided for advanced Laparoscopic Surgeries. International brand ‘Zeiss’ operating microscope is provided for E.N.T and Ophthalmology operations for perfect surgeries with precision. Laser equipment is provided for Vascular Surgery.

Most advanced Video Endoscope and Colonoscope is installed for Gastroenterology procedures. Retinal Laser for Ophthalmic Department, Debrider equipment for E.N.T, Ultraviolet Therapy in Dermatology are star equipments providing latest technology within the reach of common man at a very affordable rate.

The High definition sophisticated ultrasound machine with 3D and 4D probes is installed in the Imaging Department for perfection in scanning so that minute problems are detected in imaging. A Hitech X-ray machine with Computerized Radiography is installed to give crystal clear Radiographs. An OPG machine for dental imaging is another advanced equipment installed. Orthopaedic Department has advanced Autodrills and Arthroscopic equipments and Total knee and HIP Replacement Surgeries are performed now.
A Level III Tertiary care 11 bed Intensive Care Unit with round the clock Intensivists is now operating in the hospital. All the 11 beds are provided with ventilators, Monitors, Infusion Pumps, Central Oxygen, Central Suction and other supportive equipments.

Kidney Stone Laser is being installed upgrading Urology and C.T. Scan facility is proposed to be started soon. The unique features about our hospital are as follows

  1. 45% of the beds in the hospital are General Wards. The bed charge in General ward is only Rs. 375 per day. The Diagnostics and the treatment charges are also maintained at minimum levels. Inspite of the reasonable prices, many genuinely deserving patients are given further subsidies and no one is sent back for want of money.
  2. Even with such low rates, quality of patient care is given prime importance. In fact, the tagline of the hospital itself is CARE – COMPETENCE-COMPASSION. NABL and NABH Accreditations with Third party Quality Audits every year, strengthen the hospital to maintain good patient care and patient safety standards.

In the Haemodialysis facility, strict standards are followed in accordance with NABH guidelines like use of disposable tubings and Dialyzer Processing Machines. A mile stone of 1 Lakh Haemodialysis sessions since inception, is already achieved with about 800 dialysis sessions every month. About 1500 Free dialysis sessions are offered to poor patients annually and another 1500 with about 30% concessional charges. In addition, these patients are also given free injections viz., Inj. Eposis and Inj. Microfer from M/s. Microlabs Ltd. The ‘SPONSOR A DIALYSIS DAY’ was established to help the needy patients. Donor can sponsor the whole day’s dialysis sessions for Rs. 3500/- on any of their special day and earn the rich blessings of a person whose very life depends on your generosity.

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