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The Hospital is 100 bedded with 11 intensive care beds, and 6 haemodialysis beds. All the wards are provided with centralized oxygen facility and ICU and casuality have centralized suction facility also. The hospital has uninterrupted power supply, backed by 160 KVA generator


There are three major operation theatres. One is reserved for septic cases. The other two major operation theatres are provided with latest, state of art, and Hi-tech equipments like Hanaulux O.T. Table, C-Arm, and Hi-tech Anesthesia machine with inbuilt Ventilator, Imported German cautery machine, 8nparameters High level Cardiac Monitor and Oximeters, Xenon Light source, 3-Chip end camera and medical Monitors, etc; With these hi-tech equipments the Operation theatre is one of the best equipped theatres in Bangalore city ensuring safest operative procedures to patients.

Besides, the Operation Theatres are Air-conditioned, with Central Oxygen, Central Suction, Air filters and Central Nitrous Oxide facilities.

In addition to all major surgeries, Supra Major Surgeries like Total Knee Replacement, Total Hip Replacement, thoracic Surgeries, Laparoscopic Surgeries, Cancer Surgeries, Neurosurgical Procedures, etc; are being performed in our Operation Theatres. The Operation Theatre provide round the clock service.

Hi-tech equipments have been installed for all “Urological” procedures like, T.U.R.P for prostate, Cystoscopy, Ureterorenoscopy, and Urethrotomy and ‘Urology’ facility is being utilized by many patients now.


Our Ophthalmology Department has been upgraded by equipping with Phaco machine for Hi-tech Cataract Surgeries and Retinal Laser for treating Diabetic and Hypertensive Retinopathies.

Out - Patient

1.      General Medicine.
2.      General Surgery.
3.      Obstetric & Gynecology.
4.      Paediatrics.
5.      E.N.T.
6.      Ophthalmology.
7.      Orthopedics.
8.      Dental Surgery.
9.      Dermatology (Skin).
10.    Psychiatry.
11.    Urology.
12.    Nephrology
13.    Pulmonology.
14.    Plastic Surgery.
15.    Physiotherapy.
16.    Neurology.
17.    Neuro Surgery.
18. Paediatrics Surgery.
19. Oncology
20. Cardiology
21. Radiology
22. Sonography
23. Pathology
24. Microbiology
25. Anaesthesiology
26. Gastroenterology
27. Audiometry

In -Patient
General Wards
 31 - all in the first floor; Amenities : Attached bathrooms, geyser,
 Pantry room and a treatment room.
Semi-private Ward
38 beds in twin bed rooms. Partly caters to public sector employees
Attached bathroom with geyser and separate pantry and treatment rooms
Attendant cot for every bed
Private Ward
22 spacious rooms each for single patient occupancy
Attached bath with geyser
Additional bed for the attendant
Ward Intensive Care Units (ICU)
Wards Total No. of Beds: 11 at
Intensive Cardiac Care Unit (ICCU)
Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU)
Post Operative Ward (POW)
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
Equipment and Implements at ICUs
Cardiac Monitors
Pulse Oximeter
Infusion Pumps
Fowler Cots
Multi Channel ECG Machines
Central Oxygen
Suction Pumps
Photo therapy Units
Portable X-ray Machine Manipal Heart Foundation ( MHF ) trained staff
Nurses and duty doctors attend round the clock in all ICUs.
Labour Room
The Labour Room is attached with a labour induction room where a new
  Foetal Monitor is installed
Operation Theatre Complex
Well equipped Operation theatre complex with 3 OTs - 2 main and 1 Septic
Central Oxygen
UPS, separate generator with AC
anesthesia machine with ventilator and fluorethane anesthetic attachment
Another anesthesia machine with usual attachments
Operating Microscope
Under water Diathermy
Cardiac Monitors
Pulse Oximeters
Manman Electric Drill
Special sets like DHS
Cataract Set, etc
C-Arm with C-Arm OT table