Master Health Check up


Why is it Necessary?
A Master Health Examination is recommended for all adults, especially for Older adults (above 40 years of age) to screen out any underlying disease and keep track of your overall health.

The Master Health Check up includes:

  1. Physical and Clinical Examination by Doctor
  2. Blood Examination (CBC)
  3. Fasting Blood Sugar and PPBS
  4. Thyroid Test (TSH)
  5. Lipid Profile - Cholesterol
  6. Liver Function Test - SGPT
  7. Blood Urea (Kidney Function Test)
  8. Serum Creatinine (Kidney Function Test)
  9. Urine Analysis
  10. Cardiac Test : ECG
  11. X- Ray - Chest
  12. Ultrasound Scanning of Abdomen
  13. Dental Examination

(Require Minimum 12 Hrs Fasting. No Coffee/Tea in the Morning Before the Test may Consume water.)