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Making absolute healthcare completely affordable

Over the last few decades, mankind has taken several significant strides in healthcare. Today, there is almost no ailment that cannot be arrested without proper and informed care. Nevertheless, quality medical attention is also deemed to be the privilege of the affluent. At P.D. Hinduja Sindhi Hospital, the picture is different. This is a humanitarian enterprise, completely dedicated to specialized healthcare for everyone, without bias-monetary or otherwise.

Committed to complete healthcare

Sindhi Hospital extends sensitive and highly efficient services on par with the best in its category. You get some of Bangalore’s most respected doctors and consultants apart from highly trained support staff. Individual and focused medical attention is stressed upon. Most important, an understanding and caring atmosphere is maintained to hasten the process of healing.

Equpped with the power to heal

The dedication to heal you at Sindhi Hospital is supported by an array of state of the art equipment. We treat your aliment with advanced machinery that covers the entire spectrum of investigation, control and cure. In recent times, over rupees one crore worth of new equipment has been added in all the departments making this hospital one of the best equipped in the city. To name a few:

  • Opertaion theatre: Sophisticated Anesthetic machine attachment, Ultrasonic Scalpel, Air Sterilizers, High end ENT accessories, Man electric drill, advanced cardiac monitors, C-Arm and C-Arm operating table, Blood warmers
  • Intensive care unit (ICU) : Infusion pumps, Blood warmers
  • Laboratory: Semi-auto analyzer, Electrolyte analyzer, Fully automatic Biochemistry analyzer and Haematology analyzer.
  • Radiology: 500 MA X-ray machine, ultrasound with additional probes
  • Cardio Stress Test: Marquette computerized cardiac stress test machine.
  • Endoscopy: Advanced equipment for nasal endoscopy, sinoscopy, gastro, cysto, ureteorenoscopy, etc
  • Obstetrics: Computerized Fetal monitor
  • Ophthalmology: ‘A’ scan, Kaps Operating Microscope with X-ray axis and zoom lens, Indirect Ophthalmoscope, Ganioscope.
  • Physiotherpy equipments

In the pipeline is some more sophisticated equipment like the Hag-straits slit lamp, Holter’s hematology analyzer, central section, operative arthroscopy tools, etc. A kidney Dialysis centre is also running in full swing.

Facilitating a faster healing process

Sindhi Hospital boasts of strengths of 91 beds in different wards apart from 11beds set aside for the Intensive care unit. The wards are categorized as general, semi-private and private wards with facilities like central oxygen, etc. Ample cross ventilation makes the rooms fresh and airy.

The Intensive coronary care unit, medical intensive care unit, post operative ward and the neonatal operative ward and the neonatal intensive care unit are all provided with leading edge facilities like cardiac monitors, pulse oxymeter, defibrillator, ventilator, infusion pumps, multichannel ECG machine, incubators, phototherapy and portable X-ray units. The labour room is equipped with a state of the art labour table, vacuum extractor, resuscitation kits and with a fetal induction anteroom.

Hooked to the future lifelline

Constantly on the move in providing advanced healthcare, Sindhi hospital takes care to maintain the highest standards by upgrading its facilities with time, backed by the Hinduja Foundation Mumbai; strong emphasis is laid on technology. Quality checks are routinely carried out, there by ensuring a high level